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  • UAE Medics dodge bullets on the front line in Libya

    UAE medical workers have told of the harrowing scenes they witnessed on the frontline in the battle for Libya. One minute they would be dodging bullets as they tried to stitch people’s limbs back on and the next they were patching up the very men who had been trying to kill them. However, they realised it was not just the physical wounds that needed healing but also the psychological ones caused by the months of bloody fighting. READ MORE...
  • Road to recovery for Libya - Social media tools of justice

    Libya’s ambassador to the UAE says social media is one of the tools his countrymen are using to rebuild Libya and bring the former regime to justice. Dr Aref Ali Nayed said facebook, twitter and blogging were becoming tools for transparency in Libya. “People will report any mishaps they see on facebook and social media, which is good,” he told 7DAYS, adding that such sites were helping to transform the country after years of corruption and were a useful tool to help the special committee hunting for former leader Colonel Gaddafi. READ MORE...
  • Help for Libya wounded

    Dozens of seriously wounded Libyan soldiers are to be flown to the UAE for treatment as part of international efforts to get the battle-weary country back on its feet. Yesterday the UAE Libya Relief Team, led by Libya Ambassador Aref Ali Nayed, outlined the work carried out over the past six months. Crisis team member Dr Salahedeen Abusnana, from Sharjah University Hospital, told 7DAYS about 30 Libyans - rebel fighters and Gadaffi troops - would likely receive treatment at Rashid Hospital in Dubai. READ MORE...
  • Jail for NZer in love trio?

    Expats in a love triangle, locked up in Dubai risk further jail time, prosecution records reveal, lifting the covers on a sordid sex crime investigation. A restricted-access Dubai public prosecution report obtained by XPRESS shows charges will be laid against three expatriates for drinking alcohol without a licence and having sex outside of marriage, both crimes in the UAE. The twisted bust-up involving Toby Carroll from New Zealand, Danielle Spencer from England and Priscilla Ferreira from Brazil continues to remain under "investigation" the report reveals. READ MORE...
  • Camel is new cash-cow

    Camels aren't generally known for their speed, but they have raced ahead to become the symbol most associated with the UAE. According to marketing experts, the camel has become a brand icon of the UAE in recent years, overtaking the falcon - the UAE's national emblem - as the animal best representing the country. American University of Dubai chairman of marketing Tarek Mady estimated that the national worth of camels runs into millions of dollars, taking into account the products, merchandise, brand value, jobs and associated businesses. READ MORE...
  • Road to democracy: stage set for UAE's national elections

    THE UAE’S biggest ever national elections this week will be closely watched with some controversial issues being tackled. The 460 candidates vying for 20 places on the National Federal Council (FNC) have held the main speaking parts so far, using social media networks and cold-calling to address subjects with the 129,000 selected voters. READ MORE...
  • Emiratis marrying more foreigners

    The rising cost of getting hitched means an increasing number of UAE men are turning to expat brides rather than having to pay up for a lavish ceremony with a fellow Emirati. The number of UAE nationals marry ing expat women increased by 29 per cent, from 1,392 in 2005 to 1,798, in 2010. The number of Emirati men marrying Emirati women rose by just nine per cent, from 6,008 in 2005 to 6,555 in 2010, figures from the National Bureau Statistics show. READ MORE...



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